Gold Mining

Invest with us and enjoy the benefits of vivid trade with up to 1:20 leverage. Our Trade experts choose a mix of spread betting and CFD Trading to speculate on Gold prices across various commodity exchanges such as LSE, NYME and HKEX.

Gold Trading is a lucrative option for many Investment firms as it provides the perfect balance between low risk and high returns trade. Throughout the global financial crisis, many investors chose to invest in gold as a hedge against economic turbulence. Although both gold and currency prices are largely determined by the market and economic events, the specific events influencing those values differ significantly. We speculate on gold futures with spread bets and CFDs. We seldom invest directly in Gold. Our gold futures trading occurs 24 hours a day, five days a week, except between 10pm to 11pm (Singapore time).

Spread bets and CFDs enable us to speculate on the price of gold without having to take ownership or delivery of the underlying market. This means that they can be used to take a position on the price of gold rising (by going long), as well as falling (by going short).

Why we trade Gold

When you trade Gold with Wealth Finance Limited you can find advantages that you wouldn’t necessarily find when working with an exchange. These include:

  • Better Safety
    Gold is a safe haven investment during volatile and turbulent markets
  • Greater Profit Potential
    The bid spreads are tight, while leverages can go up to 200:1, allowing to make greater profits in less time.
  • Shorting the Markets
    Gold allows us to trade on falling markets as well as rising markets
  • Hedging against Inflation
    Trading in Gold helps to hedge against rises in Inflation .
  • Low Transaction Costs
    No Capital gains Tax are required to be paid for CFD and Spread Bets in the Singapore.

Trading Gold with Wealth Finance Limited doesn’t require a wallet, since the trades are performed though our SSL secured online trading platform, this is a big advantage in avoiding potential hackers and theft. From the same platform you can trade Forex pairs and other assets as well.